About the Project


What would the population of New Zealand look like if it was shrunk down into a village of 100 people?


What does a New Zealander look like?

I stumbled across an interesting infographic on the Statistics New Zealand website called "New Zealand as a village of 100 people." 

It shows our population in terms of gender, age, ethnicity, and a whole host of other interesting statistics.

My brain started whirring and I thought to myself, "I wonder what that would look like as a series of portraits?"


So that is exactly what I did: 

I created a series of 100 portraits that visually show the population of New Zealand according to age, gender and ethnicity.



The final 100 portraits were exhibited as part of the Auckland Festival of Photography, from 31st May - 22nd June 2018, at 3 locations simultaneously: Auckland Central City Library, Massey Library and Otahuhu Library.

Now, the exhibition is currently making its way around different libraries in Auckland and Northland:

  • 17-28 September 2018 at Ranui Library

  • 29 Sept - 14 Oct 2018 at Mt Roskill Library

More info about the Auckland Libraries, including the address and opening hours of any location:

If you would like to see the exhibition at your local library, let me know!


More info about the project ...

I've taken the data from the infographic (which is based on the 2013 census) and planned a series of portraits to show what a typical kiwi looks like.

Specifically, I've looked at the three aspects of the census data that are able to be portrayed visually: gender, age and ethnicity.

So, condensed into 100 people, this is what the population of New Zealand looks like:



  • 70 European,

  • 14 Maori,

  • 11 Asian,

  • 7 Pacific Islands,

  • 1 Middle East or Africa or Latin America

  • (Note: multiple answers were possible, so numbers equal more than 100)



  • 51 females

  • 49 males



  • 0-10 years / 13 people

  • 10-20 years / 14 people

  • 20-30 years / 13 people

  • 30-40 years / 12 people

  • 40-50 years / 14 people

  • 50-60 years / 13 people

  • 60-70 years / 11 people

  • 70-80 years / 6 people

  • 80+ years / 4 people


Some more interesting figures ...

  • New Zealand's population is 4,242,048 (at the 2013 census)

  • Our population has tripled in the last 90 years!

  • The median age in New Zealand is 38

  • A third of all Maori are under the age of 15

  • Our Asian population has doubled in size since 2001

  • 1 in every 100 New Zealanders is homeless



Information sourced from the Statistics New Zealand infographic New Zealand as a Village of 100 People.

More info can be found here and here and probably also by asking the all-knowing, all-powerful Google.